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Owner Services

Our professional services.

Unlike conventional real estate agencies, HarrisLeech is solely focused on Property Management. We are driven by delivering a reliable and professional
service to both property owners and tenants.

Maximising Rental Returns

Maximising the performance of your investment involves a delicate balance
between minimising vacancies whilst finding the right tenants for your
property. It means dealing with repairs and maintenance efficiently as well as managing the accounting and legal aspects of Property Management cost-effectively.


Our enthusiastic and approachable team are professionally
trained to offer informed advice whilst ensuring a personal service. Each
client at HarrisLeech works closely with a Property Manager to maximise their portfolio in a way that works for them. We take protecting your interests personally.


Accurate Interpretation of the Market

As a boutique agency, we do not believe in over-inflating rental levels in an attempt to win your business. Our team of experienced Property Managers  will assess the current rental market and provide you with an accurate and relevant analysis of your property and its area. Our aim is to achieve the highest potential return for your investment.


Marketing Campaign

At HarrisLeech we will expose your property to a wide range of prospective tenants by using the following advertising mediums:

- Advertising

- Localised websites:

- Australia’s leading real estate portal:

- Property signage

- Referring estate agent network

- Open for Inspections

With your approval, we'll develop a cost-effective and professional marketing campaign whose priority is maximising exposure. Each campaign will be tailored to suit the client's specifications. They will incorporate a dynamic mixture of resources.


For example, a campaign may use the combination of websites such as our own ( along with a website such as Australia’s leading real estate portal, as well as social media to
target a broad range of prospective tenants.  Our aim is to have your property leased as quickly as possible for the highest possible return. 


Tenant Selection

As an agency, we maintain exceptionally high standards when selecting potential tenants to recommend to our clients. Stringent checks are conducted through a nationwide database.  All previous rental, professional and character references are verified along with employment details in order to minimise the risk of poor tenant selection.


We understand the importance of completing the appropriate documentation for your property. We will prepare Lease Agreements tailored to both your individual needs as an owner, and that of your property. We will also complete a detailed condition report and use the standard Residential Tenancy Bond Lodgement form.

Our leasing consultants are focused on finding you the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time.


Rent Collection

As an agency, we have a number of processes in place to ensure swift and timely payment of rental instalments. To keep the process as streamlined as possible, we have a direct debit policy for tenants making their rental
payments. Your money is then promptly deposited into your account electronically.


Following this, we will send you a monthly Rent Statement via e-mail and/or postal mail detailing the rent collected and disbursements made on your behalf. Should a rental payment become overdue, we will issue reminder telephone calls, written advice and SMS messages to ensure immediate payment.



Offering you thorough and regular property inspections detailing the condition of your home, our Property Management team will be well informed to offer you guidance on maximising your rental return and the long-term value of your asset.

Arrears Repairs




Tenant Disputes


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Let us take the pressure off and manage your property for you.

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