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At HarrisLeech, ensuring your safety and comfort is a main priority. For all your maintenance needs, whether they are urgent or non-urgent, please lodge a maintenance request via our portal below.


Non-Urgent Repairs

If you require any non-urgent repairs to your property please notify HarrisLeech in writing by lodging your request through our maintenance portal. 

Tenants should not undertake non-urgent repairs themselves.

Lodge your maintenance request via our portal below.

Paint roller brush
Leaking pipe


Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs generally include:

- Burst water service or blocked/broken toilet

- Considerable roof or gas leak

- Hazardous electrical fault

- Extensive flood, storm or fire damage

- Failure of essential services including cooking and heating facilities
- Failure of gas, water or electrical supply

- Inability to secure the property/premises

- Anything that may cause substantial water wastage

- Serious faults in lifts or staircases

Lodge your maintenance request via our portal below.

What to do if you require an urgent repair...

Please lodge your request via our maintenance portal below for immediate action.

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