Rent Arrears

When it comes to outstanding rental payments, we simply encourage communication.

If ever you find yourself behind on rental payments, please call HarrisLeech as soon as possible, even if it is in anticipation of an upcoming due date. Keeping us up to date and informed is a simple and effective way to combat any further complications.

After a few days…
After three days of outstanding rental payments, you will usually receive a reminder notice in the post. If and when you receive this, please contact HarrisLeech regarding the outstanding amount if you haven’t already. Please also feel free to contact us should you feel you have received the notice in error.

After a week…
After eight days of outstanding rental payments, you will usually receive another notice urging you to either make the rental payment or contact our office immediately.

This letter should be taken seriously as the landlord may soon have the right to take the matter to VCAT. Again, if you think you received this notice in error, please contact HarrisLeech as quickly as possible.

Beyond 14 days…
In the event that you fall more than 14 days in arrears it is very likely that we will commence proceedings with VACT. This could result in the termination of your tenancy and the landlord regaining possession of the property.

Please note, that an application for compensation may also be made at this time. This could result in a partial or total loss of your bond.

We really do not like taking tenants to VCAT and will always try to work with the tenants directly to avoid this situation. That said, the ultimate right to pursue this course of action lies with the landlord.