Entry to a Property
Landlords and agents can only enter a property when appropriate notice is given to the tenants.

On occasion, HarrisLeech may give the tenant 24 hours notice before needing to enter a property. These would include:

· Valuing the property
· Showing prospective tenants and purchases through the property
· Acting on a verifiable belief that the tenant has not met their duties

We always try to give you as much notice as possible however the minimum 24 hours notice period is sometimes unavoidable. In some cases the landlord may also attend but this is not common practice with HarrisLeech.

If you have any HarrisLeech authorised tradespeople to access the property, please let us know in writing either by fax, mail or e-mail.

Routine Inspections
At the request from the landlord, HarrisLeech is entitled to inspect the property at six monthly intervals. This routine inspection may also be carried out once within the first three months of a tenancy.

As a tenant, the routine inspection is a terrific opportunity to meet with your property manager. It is a good idea to take the opportunity to raise any areas of concern you may have with the tenancy or property.

Sub-letting and Introducing New Tenants
If you have any additional people staying with you for an extended period, please inform HarrisLeech. The landlord may require that their name be added to the lease.

It is unusual that consent is withheld, however, all new tenants will need to apply using our standard Tenancy Application.

It is worth noting that tenants living on the premises without the landlord’s consent may provide a reason for the landlord to end the tenancy.

Final Inspection
When your lease is up, HarrisLeech will conduct a final inspection. During this inspection, we will check the initial Condition Report for any sustained damage during the period of tenancy.