F A Q [ Owner ]

How quickly will you find a tenant?

There is no set time frame in which we guarantee finding the right tenant for you. Some properties will rent straight away while others may take a little longer. We aim to find a balance between the right rental price and the length of tenancy to ensure the best outcome for both the landlord and the tenant.

It is important to price your property within the current market accordingly. Our trained Property Managers are consistently up-to-date on trending market prices for the area. Combining experience with professional knowledge, they will be able to advise you on this matter. It is our priority to ensure that you receive the best possible rental return whilst minimising delays in sourcing tenants.

If a property is appropriately priced and well presented, finding the right tenant for your property will be a more efficient process.

How will you find me a tenant?

We will use a range of resources to secure the right tenant for your property. This will include our extensive tenant database and internet marketing resources such as own website www.harrisleech.com.au and Australia’s leading real estate portal, www.realestate.com.au. We will also use on-site signage.

We know from experience that this combination generates significant interest and provides us with the opportunity to present you with the most appropriate tenancy applications as per your property’s requirements.

What costs will I need to pay?

The fees payable are an initial marketing and letting fee to secure the best tenant and monthly management fees that covers the ongoing management of your property.

How will I receive my rental payments?

Rental payments will be made by electronic funds transfer into your nominated account on a prompt monthly basis.

How will you guarantee that my property will not be damaged?

With a stringent screening process in place, we are able to minimise the likelihood of your property being damaged, however accidents do happen and there can be no guarantee that your property will not be damaged.

As an agency, we conduct routine inspections to minimise the severity of any problems that may arise. These inspections generally take place three months after a tenant moves in and twice a year thereafter. As an owner, you have the right to be present at these inspections.

If necessary, at the conclusion of a tenancy we will be able to withhold the bond payment to cover repairs charges for any damages incurred throughout the tenancy period. This, however, is only necessary in extreme cases. There is usually no need to pursue this course of action as our tenants generally leave the properties in a condition indicative of normal wear and tear.

How are maintenance and repairs handled?

Your Property Manager will handle minor repairs with a cost limit set out at the start of each tenancy. For any larger more significant repairs, organised quotes will be cleared with you before they are contracted.

If in the case that an urgent repair is required by law as legislated by the Residential Tenancy Act, it will be given clearance regardless of cost. At HarrisLeech, we only employ highly experienced and licensed suppliers whose work is insured.