F A Q [ Tennant ]

Maintenance Questions

Electrical/No Power
Have you checked your fuse box and/or appliance switches?
The safety switch may have been activated. If this is the case, it simply will need to be reset. If there has been an overload, the safety switch will need to be reset. This may be identified if lights and/or power point switches are not working. Unplug and then plug each appliance in one-by-one whilst crosschecking with the meter box until the faulty appliance is identified. Reset safety switch.
Have you recently replaced the light bulb?
Have you checked the connection with the power provider?
Please contact your power provider to check the electrical connection is working, there may be a power outage in the area. If you live in a residential complex, please check with your neighbours if they are also without power. If more than one property has no power, you may need to contact the Owners Corporation.

No Hot Water
Did you arrange the connection of your gas/electricity with the supplier when your tenancy began?
Have you checked to see if your hot water system needs topping up?
If yours is a gas hot water system, have you checked to ensure the pilot light is still lit?
Some units can be easily relit, others may require a tradesperson.
Have you checked the fuse in the meter box?
Have you made sure that the tap on the hot water system is turned on?

Stove Element is not Working
Have you checked to make sure the connections are not dirty or loose?
Sometimes just ensuring that the connections are clean and secure can solve your problem.

Sink Disposal Unit is not Working
Is it turned on at the switch underneath the sink?
Have you attempted to reset the safety switch?
This is normally a red or black button beneath the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. You may need to bend down to find this switch. It can be activated by an overload and simply needs to be reset.
Is there a blockage in the sink/between the blades?
IMPORTANT – before putting your hands or a utensil down the sink disposal unit, please make sure the unit is turned off at the wall and unplugged. You can then safely inspect the unit for any blockages.

Garage Remote Control is not Working
Have you checked the batteries are not flat?
Try using the control at a closer range; it may be a simple case of flat batteries.

Kitchen/Bathroom Sink is Blocked
Have you tried a drain unblocking agent?
If you sink is taking an extended period of time to drain away the water, please try using a drain unblocking agent – this can be purchased from the supermarket in the cleaning section. Make sure that you have removed hair and old soap from a bathroom plughole and old food from a kitchen one. Pouring boiling water down the drain can also help clear a blockage. Please do not put fat and oil into the drain, as these will cause clogs in the pipes.
If you have a major blockage, please report it to your Property Manager.