Our Team

Paul Tsiapos
Paul sets a high benchmark for customer service, having started his career within Accounting and Finance and moving across into Real Estate just under ten years ago, he has learnt the importance of strong communication skills and attention to detail.

Paul’s love of real estate has seen him excel at his role within Property Management and progress him into leadership. Having now been a part of the Harris Leech group since November 2011, Paul is well trusted and looked up upon amongst his peers for guidance and knowledge. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Paul is able to offer support and advice to bring out the best in his peers.

“To have a positive state of mind you must be well balanced in the health of your body”, with this said, Paul enjoys challenging himself to extracurricular activities such as Triathlons, Marathons and Duathlons.

Stephanie Dodd
Stephanie comes to Harris Leech Property with over 13 years experience in the industry. Prior to her commencement with our organization she was located in North Queensland.  Stephanie manages approximately 170 properties in the Western areas.

Her extensive experience in the industry helps her provide tenants and landlords advice with upmost confidence and professionalism.

A positive approach to Property Management and constant communication between landlords and tenants allows Stephanie to build a strong relationship between herself and her clients to ensure the best outcome is reached.

In the future, Stephanie hopes to obtain her full auctioneers licence.

Hannah McKinnon
A highly organised and efficient person, Hannah takes pride in completing all projects personally and thoroughly from start to finish, and she is a true believer in the importance of good customer service.

In her spare time, you will find Hannah enjoying all that Melbourne has to offer, exploring the city hidden coffee spots, vintage shops and markets. When she is able to she often heads to her home town of Warrnambool to see her family, especially her 3 nephews and niece.

Alex Mills
With over three years’ real estate experience, Alex uses his intimate knowledge of the property management industry to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

A highly motivated and hard working person, Alex understands the importance of effective communication required to compete in the competitive marketplace.

In his spare time Alex shares Melbourne’s love for sport and plays for East Kew Soccer club. Enjoying keeping fit at the same time as being a member of the sporting community.

Nathan Purdy
Nathan has been with Harris Leech Property for 18 months, starting out in the leasing department and has now taken on a portfolio, managing 150+ properties in the South East and Bayside areas.

Nathan’s enthusiasm and experience in the area, helps him deal with the diversification that Melbourne’s suburbs have to offer and is emphasized by his professional and positive approach to Property Management allowing him to build a strong relationship between himself and his clients. Nathan ensures, that he deals with Landlords and tenants promptly and efficiently to maintain a stress free experience.

Nathan came into the Real Estate industry holding his Agents Rep Certificate and hopes to be fully licensed in the future. He believes that to be a good property manager it is important to keep constant communication between your landlords and tenants as well as maintaining an organised and up to date portfolio.

In his spare time, you will find Nathan exploring bars and restaurants throughout Melbourne, spending time with his girlfriend or down at the beach with his jet ski in the summer.

Shaun Kali
Shaun obtained a formal education in management and marketing. She’s a registered real estate agent with REIV, the growing interest in property management has led to the pursuing of a post graduate study in property management study for professional development purposes .

Shaun strongly believes that the landlord and tenant are the most valuable partners of our business and take great pride and passion in delivering the best possible solution to meet their needs.

For leisure Shaun enjoy spending time with family and traveling to new places. Shaun believe this is an important aspect of way of the way of life by strengthen the relation ship with families and friends.

Joanna Broome
Joanna has had extensive travelling experience and meeting peoples from different part of the world. Before joining the real estate industry, she was working with overseas travel wholesalers, also assisting tourists from other countries to build her highly developed interpersonal skills.

Joanna is a highly organised and motivated professional, and believes in offering a trusted service to Landlords and Tenants is the key to her success in property management. She has also been considered as a mature, energetic and hardworking as well as being able to maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters whilst displaying excellent judgement and initiative when required to achieve a best result of the conflict.

Joanna prides herself on exceptional customer service and strong attention to detail and is always willing to put time and effort to make sure thing gets done properly within the deadline.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling, also have a laugh with friends, going out to the movies, playing games, doing gardening and tasting amazing foods.

Sophia Roe
Sophia’s career in the Real Estate began over two years, she initially started as receptionist with Harris Leech and progressed onto the leasing department and then property management, therefore she has extensive knowledge and experience of various areas of the Real Estate industry.

Sophia understands the importance of effective communication and being able to help out both landlords and tenants to ensure they are happy with their desired outcome

She believes that “Property Management is about maintaining harmony, solving problems and safeguarding people’s home and investments, communication is a key factor.”

She enjoys the diversity of her work days and thrives on the variety of issues and problem-solving challenges she faces. She affords her clients the benefits of her patience, empathy and dependability.

In her spare time, Sophia enjoys socializing with her friends and partner, working out at the gym and travelling.